Washed Away Podcast

I did an interview over the phone with Ashley Smith a few weeks ago about some of my work with Snohomish County Medical Examiner’s unidentified cases. We spoke about the Precious Jane Doe case and about forensic art in general. Ashley posted an episode of her Washed Away podcast today that includes parts of our talk, and she also discusses the Lake Stickney cold case that I had done drawings for. That victim was recently identified as Rodney Johnson through genetic genealogy. It’s a good episode, Ashley has a great radio voice and is a good storyteller. I have learned after listening to this though that my phone has a horrible mic. Sorry.

The Rodney Johson episode is #5. I also recommend the first episode of the podcast about the Mary Anderson case. I recently updated that drawing as well. Ashley interviewed my colleague Dr. Kathy Taylor at the King County Medical Examiner’s Office for that episode and she sounds much better than I do on my episode.