A Different Way to Use Forensic Art Skills

This past summer I was asked to use my forensic art knowledge and skills in a new way. It was not a reconstruction from a skull of a deceased person, but a reconstruction of a living person.

I was contacted by a young man who was planning on extensive cosmetic surgery to change his appearance, and he wanted a forensic artist to show him how those changes might appear before he went through the surgeries. He had seen some cosmetic surgeons and already had CT scans of his skull and definite ideas on the changes he wanted made to his face. He came to me with these scans and some photos of features he hoped to have.

His genetic background is middle Eastern Egyptian/Yemeni on one side and central Asian Uzbekistan on the other. He has epicanthic folds on his eyes, which is commonly an Asian feature. He wanted to remove these to have more of a European eye. He wants cheek implants and a nose job so his nose is longer and less turned up. He wants his jawline more defined. Altogether, he’d like a more traditionally masculine face than how he appears currently. I did anterior, three quarter, and lateral drawings from the photographs he had taken by Hunts Photo and Video. This is the finished image of the three quarter view drawing side by side with the original photo.