60 Second Docs

Texas-based forensic artist Natalie Murry isn’t your typical artist – her work’s goal is practical and scientific, rather than aesthetic. Murry draws facial reconstructions from skeletal remains, typically using only a skull as her guide. Her art is critical in cases where people cannot be identified, and her age-progression work is reuniting families with their […]

Case Study: Skull to Photo Comparison for Identification Purposes

Publishing April 2021 in the Journal of Forensic Identification In this case, the Clark County WA Medical Examiner had a victim of a house fire who was unidentified. The home owner was the probable victim but the Medical Examiner was unwilling to sign off on the victim without further confirmation of identification. There was no […]

KVUE Austin

Leslie Adami at KVUE Austin came by the house to talk about the Williamson County Cold Cases that I’m investigating.

Age Progression

This is an age progression I did for a tv show in Lebanon.

Corel Painter

I was artist of the month for Corel Painter in November 2018. This was a webinar I did with them to talk about the type of art I do with the Painter software.

KOIN TV Portland Feb 2018

KOIN TV did a piece on the unknown victim in this semi truck accident and fire. There were some witnesses who saw her at a truck stop before the accident. They were shown the reconstruction after I completed it and they said it resembled the girl that they saw. She was described as possibly Native […]