New Wacom Article about my Classes

Wacom published a new article on their blog about the workshops I’m teaching this year in Scottsdale and San Marcos.

The Scottsdale workshop is a week of intense digital practice for drawing composites. It’s an intermediate class, and doesn’t include basic composite topics. The focus is on learning to use Wacom Cintiq tablets as a new tool for forensic artists. Each student will have a Cintiq and laptop for their own use all week, so they can learn and practice techniques and tools in Corel Painter.

The San Marcos workshop is at the Forensic Anthropology Center at Texas State (FACTS). FACTS faculty and students conduct forensic anthropology research in human decomposition processes, the postmortem interval, human skeletal variation, and forensic osteological methods. In keeping with the mission of the center, my workshop here is for forensic artists to learn to do postmortem drawings in a digital format with the Wacom Cintiq tablets. I’m honored that Dr. Kate Spradley from this facility will give a lecture during the week.