Seven New Reconstructions

These are the cases I did for Snohomish County and King County this month. Snohomish County is trying to get leads on all of their unidentified remains cases, and have asked me to do these drawings for them.

The case at left was listed as a white male 25 to 35 years of age on the original 1994 forensic anthropology report. This recent examination of the case for this drawing has shown the victim is instead a mixture of African and European ancestry, and closer to 50 years of age. The Cold Case detective asked me to do drawings of the victim as primarily black and as primarily white. Minor changes were made only to the hair, ears, eyes, and nose of the victim in order to change the ancestry. The teeth are shown in the top right corner as he has spaces between all of his mandibular central incisors, which is somewhat unusual.

This subject was a homeless man who had been given permission several years before his death to stay in a shed on a vacation property. The owner of the property interacted with the victim on an ongoing occasional basis until his remains were found in the shed in 2015. This witness was able to provide limited assistance in this reconstruction, making it a combination of a reconstruction and a composite drawing.
This victim is a Native American found near a reservation in 2015.
This is a white male found in Sultan in 2007.
This white male victim was found in 1980.
This victim is called Precious Jane Doe. She was found in 1977. Her killer was found and served time, but is now out of prison. She still remains unidentified. She’s a young white female, 15 to 21 years of age. Her maxillary central incisors are crooked.
This last case is the King County case. The remains of this white male were found on Mt. Si in North Bend WA in 2015, but it is believed he was up on the mountain since the 1990s.