Williamson County Cold Case Unit

In April, I started working with the Williamson County Cold Case Unit here in Georgetown TX as an investigator and forensic artist. I’ll be working on the three unidentified remains cases here: Orange Socks, Corona Girl, and Rebel Ray. To start with, I drew new versions of all three cases. Mostly this was to get new interest in the cases, but I also felt I could make some improvements to earlier drawings. The sheriff released the sketches on Orange Socks and Corona Girl last week and we’ve gotten some good leads on them. I’m also working with DNA Doe Project, doing forensic genealogy on the Orange Socks case. We have DNA on all 3 cases. DNA Doe Project has the DNA sample from the Orange Socks case. We’re attempting to build out a family tree and identify the victim that way.

Here are the new sketches. You can read about all three cases online if you Google them, they all have pages about them on DNA Doe Project, unidentified wikis, and Facebook. For Corona Girl, it’s useful to type in her name and the word “unidentified” to separate her from all the posts about beer.