Snohomish County unidentified

September 2020 unidentified remains found in Everett WA. Unknown ancestry male, 20s to 40s, 5’3″ to 5’9″. He had been killed and buried in the woods sometime in the past 30 years. His ancestry is ambiguous, possibly east Asian, Hispanic, Native American, or a mixed race. His dentition indicated an overbite of the type that […]

Snohomish County Case IDed

I did this reconstruction in March 2019 for Snohomish County ME. The unidentified victim had been found in 1980 in a river in Everett, a drowning victim. Snohomish County ME was able to extract his DNA in 2019, and their investigator Jane Jorgenson loaded the profile into GEDMatch. She recently found relatives and was able […]

DNA Testing for the Mary Anderson case

King County Medical Examiner’s Office has teamed up with Othram Labs to try to raise funds to do DNA testing on the Mary Anderson case. They’d like to get a DNA profile on her so we can load it up to GEDmatch and do forensic genealogy on the kit. We think there’s a good chance […]

Issaquah WA 2017

Found March 23 2017 off I-90 outside Issaquah WA wearing red thermal long-sleeved shirt, black sweatshirt, dark gray fleece pants, black and white size 10 Nikes. Mixed race male poss 40s. Any info, call King Co. Medical Examiner (206) 731-3232.

Seattle PD fall victim 2018

This unidentified man perished in a fall in Seattle in 2018. This is a postmortem image drawn from fleshed remains. If you think you may know who he is, please contact King County Medical Examiner’s Office at 206 731 3232.

The difference hair makes to a drawing

I was contacted by a friend of the victim on this Olympia case the other day. He was distressed by my reconstruction of his friend, saying my drawing didn’t resemble Mr. Moore at all. His friend had been a kind-hearted soul and he felt my drawing didn’t show that. It might be helpful to note […]