Pend Oreille County Case

The second case from King County Medical Examiner’s Office that I finished was one from the Northeastern-most county in Washington, Pend Oreille. This was an interesting case as the cranium was unusually misshapen. Dr. Taylor advised the victim was a white male possibly in his 50s who had been found in a sleeping bag under a tree. He appeared to be homeless.

I spoke with the deputy who had investigated the case initially and got more information about the scene and from the autopsy that enabled me to be more specific about head and facial hair and clothing. Dr. Taylor also pointed out other abnormalities on the bones of this victim that showed he had lived with a great deal of pain for some time, so I tried to portray that in his face when doing the reconstruction. His cranium flared forward a bit on the left side of his face and back a bit on the right, and one side of the back of his head was flattened. As with most people, his face wasn’t symmetrical. One nostril was considerably higher than the other. He had very pronounced gonial flare on both sides of his mandible.