Helen Doe

I first drew this victim in 2014, but many studies have come out since that time that get more specific about what each feature looks like. I agreed to update the drawing this week. Instead of being a general sketch based on this basic skull, this is more individualized to the specific skull. Helen was […]

Yakima County Unidentified Remains

Recently finished this 2D reconstruction of a Native American female whose skeletal remains were found in Yakima County near the unincorporated town of Parker in 1988. She is believed to have been 30 to 39 years old, about 5 feet tall and less than 120 pounds. She was wearing lavender pants, long sleeved shirt with […]

Will County Illinois cold case

The coroner’s office at Will County Illinois asked me to do a postmortem rendering from their 1968 cold case on this unidentified Native American female. She was about 20 to 30 years of age and had been suffocated. If you have any leads on who this might be, please contact investigator Gene Sullivan at gsullivan@willcountyillinois.com […]

Corona Girl Identified

Corona Girl has been identified! This ID was via DNA Doe Project. My colleagues on the team narrowed down the possibilities and found the ID just before Christmas while I was out of state, so I missed out on the excitement. When I returned to Texas, the ID had been confirmed through DNA testing with […]

Unidentified remains homicide case from 1979 is one step closer to resolution

In April 2019, I joined the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office Cold Case Unit in Georgetown TX. Initially I had just offered to do forensic art for them but because I am a former police officer, they asked if I would also be interested in doing investigations. They assigned me to their 3 unidentified remains cases. […]